Twilio built 3 apps on the floor of the NYSE to celebrate its IPO

Twilio built 3 apps on the floor of the NYSE to celebrate its IPO

How do you celebrate an IPO? If you’re Twilio, you build apps in real-time on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

During trading, two Twilio engineers and one stock trader built apps as excited investors rushed to snap up stock in the company. The trader, a 35-year veteran of the ups and down of the market named Kenny Polcari, built his app in six minutes.

Here are the three apps, which you can try if you’re so inclined:

•Call (952)-260-0928 and Hodor from Game of Thrones will put you on hold.

•Check Any Stock Price via text message (646)-918-1185

•Kenny’s app: A simple conference line (617)-396-3436

There was also an SMS directory of state Representatives built using Twilio, which you can build for yourself or simply download from GitHub.

Not bad for a day’s work — especially as Twilio’s stock is performing well.

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