How to get the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra beta on your devices

How to get the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra beta on your devices

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thirsty for some beta action on your Apple products.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how you can be one of the first people with iOS 10 or macOS Sierra. But I’m starting with a short, cautionary tale.

A few months ago the third beta for iOS 9.3 came out, and I wanted to put it on my phone immediately just to get Night Shift. However, when I restored it and tried to log in to iCloud to download my apps, I ran into a bug.

For some reason, it wouldn’t log me in.

Because it’s impossible to downgrade an iOS device and I didn’t make a backup, I was stuck with an empty iPhone for the better part of the month, until the new beta came out.

This sucked, and I’m going to make sure it won’t happen to you.

There are three very important things to note if you’re still down for this.

1. Make a backup of your device through iTunes
You don’t want to lose your stuff.

2. Don’t use it on your main device, so you can’t mess it up
If your device stops working, you’ll be safe.

3. Expect bad battery life and performance
Beta software is a work in progress and will not work as well as a final version.

With all that said and done, let’s get down to business.


If you’re a consumer (available in July)

First, you’ll need to get over to the Apple Beta Software Program and log in with your Apple ID.

Then you’ll need to enroll both your iOS and macOS devices so Apple can make sure they’re eligible for the beta. Follow the instructions closely, and you’ll end up with a shiny new beta profile on your phone and computer.

Next comes the waiting game, because unfortunately the public beta program for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra starts in July. But because you’re all set up now, you’re ready when they drop — keep an eye on TNW to see when you’re able to update.

If you’re a developer (available today)

This is going to be pretty easy, but you’ll need to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program ($99/year, probably not worth it if you only want the beta).

Just log in to the Apple Developer Download Center and follow the instructions to get it on your device — you’ll be done within the hour.

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