Forget typing: Facebook now lets you respond to posts with videos

Forget typing: Facebook now lets you respond to posts with videos

After rolling out live video streaming to everyone, Facebook will now also let you respond to posts and status updates by uploading your own clip.

Video responses are currently supported on desktop, iOS and Android. To use the feature, simply click on the camera icon next to the comment section and upload your own video.

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However, you won’t be able to leave a video reply in every post across the social network. Facebook product engineer Bob Baldwin explains that the new functionality will be available only for posts by people and Pages, as well as within groups and events.

A quick way to check whether you can respond to a certain post with a video is to hover over the camera icon. If possible, you will immediately see an option to upload a video.

The feature was first developed during Facebook’s 50th Hackathon earlier this year, but took a few months to polish and stabilize.

News about video responses in posts and comments first surfaced a month ago when some users reported noticing the feature in testing.

Today’s announcement simply means video responses are now rolling out to all users.

via The Verge

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