Photoshop will finally fill in the empty gaps when you straighten an image

If you’ve ever tried to straighten an image in Photoshop, you’ve probably come across this problem – you start rotating the image, and then are left with unsightly white gaps at the corners. According to Adobe, that will soon no longer be an issue.

Previously, you could either crop the image to cut out the borders or use Photoshop’s existing Content-Aware tool. Now Photoshop will just fill in the gaps automatically with a new ‘Content-Aware Crop’ option.

You can also use content aware crop if you want to expand your canvas. That can come in handy if you took a photo with your subject framed too tightly within the image, and want to give it more breathing room, or if you simply want to make the overall image larger.

Again, you could probably achieve the same effect with the current Content-Aware fill tool, but Photoshop is all about making editing tasks simpler –  and this is a pretty regular edit. The feature will arrive with this year’s Photoshop CC update, along with a few features Adobe hasn’t announced yet.

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