You can now generate Simpsons GIFs for just about any occasion

You can now generate Simpsons GIFs for just about any occasion

The three-person team behind Frinkiac surprised and delighted the world in February when it launched its Simpsons meme generator. The site allows users to search through nearly 3 million screenshots from the first 15 seasons of the hit animated show, by looking for a quote from any of the characters.

Now, you can create animated Simpsons GIFs the same way. Search for any quote, pick a scene from the results, hit the Make GIF button and choose the frames you’d like to include in your animation.

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Of course, you can also add either the original quote from that scene or enter your own message. There are also options to share your creation straight to Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or have merely heard about the show, chances are you’ll find a fitting Simpsons GIF for whatever it you need to say on a forum, social network or in a conversation.



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