TrackStack lets you create shared Spotify playlists anybody can add songs to

TrackStack lets you create shared Spotify playlists anybody can add songs to

While Spotify does come with its own options for creating shared playlists, making ad-hoc lists with your friends is often a hassle.

For one thing, anyone who wants to contribute a song to the playlist needs their own Spotify account, plus an approval from the playlist’s owner.

But there might be an easier way to prep the perfect playlist with your friends.

TrackStack is a nifty Web-based application that lets you create public playlists in Spotify that anybody can readily add songs to – and without the need to have an account.

Once you create a playlist, TrackStack lets you choose between making the list either private or public. If you go for the latter option, the app automatically generates a URL to your playlist that you can easily share with others so they can add songs to your list too.

You can sign up for the service with your Spotify account in a matter of seconds, but as Reddit user Landsl1de warns – once you register, there’s currently no way to delete your account or to opt out of the system.

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Unlike Flo Music that allows collaboration between up to 10 people that share a connection to the same Wi-Fi hotspot, TrackStack has no limitation when it comes to the number of people that can contribute to the list. It does, however, offer a feature to lock a playlist with a password to prevent unwanted visitors from tampering with your selection.

Even though TrackStack lets anyone freely play short previews of songs straight from your unique playlist URL (and without a Spotify account), you will need to play the lists you’ve compiled directly from the Spotify app if you want to listen to tracks in their full duration.

TrackStack is still a work in progress and its interface is not precisely what you’d call slick. There’s also the possibility that you might run into an occasional bug here and there.

Still, this does not at all take away from TrackStack’s functionality to make shared playlists quickly and easily.

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