Evernote can now search and embed your Google Drive files

Evernote is getting a lot more powerful today – if you’re a Google Drive user. Google and Evernote are announcing a partnership to embed Drive files right onto your notes.

Previously, if you wanted to supplements your notes with Drive files in Evernote, you could only use plain old links and have to switch back and fourth between apps. That’s not very helpful if you need quick glanceable information from images or spreadsheets stored on Drive.

Evernote Drive

Now you can click on a new Drive button right from Evernote to look through your cloud files and insert them into your notes with rich previews. You can attach multiple files at once as well.

Drive integration also means that searching on Evernote will also search through your Drive documents, making it easier to locate specific peaces of information.

The feature is launching first on the Web (Chrome only) and Android, and will arrive on other platforms “soon.”

It’s kind of surprising that Evernote got Drive integration before Google’s own Keep app, but then again, this is the company that just made a better keyboard for iOS than Android.

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