Snapchat users are pissed that their scores have dropped without explanation

Snapchat users are pissed that their scores have dropped without explanation

Gamification of your app is a great way to get users to continually keep coming back, and ‘stickiness’ is key if you want longevity for your business.

Snapchat’s done a great job of that so far, most notably with the introduction of its points, trophy case and sticker options. However, a whole bunch of users are pretty unhappy that their Snapchat scores appear to have dropped by thousands of points overnight.

A quick scan of a collection of the world’s most patient users – on Twitter, of course – reveals that, yes, indeed, people are losing their shit over missing points.

There doesn’t seem to be a consistent amount that the scores dropped by either – some people just saw a decline of a few hundred, while others lost thousands.

While for some other people, the dip appeared to be smaller, and only temporary.

Naturally, we’ve asked Snapchat for an explanation and will update if the company responds. However, don’t hold your breath: the way in which the Snapchat score is calculated hasn’t ever been divulged, and it’s more than just a sum total of your interactions in the app.

But don’t worry, if you’ve woken up to a decreasing score, you’re not alone. You might need to re-assess the things that really matter though.

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