Google Slides now has real-time Q&A feature and a digital laser pointer

Google Slides now has real-time Q&A feature and a digital laser pointer

Today, Google is introducing a new service for its Slides app called Slides Q&A, which lets people in a crowd ask a moderator questions in real-time without interrupting their talk.

Using a link, people can navigate to a dedicated Webpage and ask questions as they think of them. Those questions then appear on a moderator’s screen, as well as on the screens of others in attendance.

Slides Q_A - Audience

Questions can also be upvoted by those in attendance to help save the host from being overwhelmed when everyone has the same thought. Similarly, it lets people ask questions during an event rather than keep a host detained after the presentation.

Google is also making it easier to present Slides. If you have Hangouts on an iPhone or iPad, Slides can be presented in-app, and cast to a big screen using Chromecast or AirPlay.


If you prefer presenting from a computer, Google has a new laser pointer feature that overlays a red dot with a trailing line, just like a real laser pointer. You can control it by touch (if your computer is enabled) or with a trackpad or mouse.

The update is rolling out today, so be on the lookout for it if you’re a Slides user.

Introducing Slides Q&A on Google Docs Blog

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