Doom creator John Romero promises to bring back rocket jumping in his next game

Doom creator John Romero promises to bring back rocket jumping in his next game
Credit: Night Work Games

Legendary game designer John Romero, known for genre-defining first-person-shooters like ‘Doom’, ‘Wolfenstein’ and ‘Quake’, is back in the saddle after 16 years with an all-new title: ‘Blackroom‘.

Romero is raising funds on Kickstarter to develop a game set in the future, where a megacorporation’s holographic tech that allows people to be anywhere at any time in lifelike simulations. But when these experiences begin to blend into each other, a darker truth begins to slowly reveal itself, and you’re sent in to investigate.

That’s about as campy as futuristic game storylines get, but it sounds like the perfect way to set the stage for a title that aims to bring back the frenetic, fast-paced FPS gameplay from the good ol’ days.

Blackroom promises a lengthy single-player campaign across varied environments, a wide range of multiplayer modes, extensive support for modifying the game, dedicated servers, a metal soundtrack by guitarist George Lynch and classic tactics like rocket jumping and circle strafing.

The title will see Romero team up with his longtime partner in crime, art director Adrian Carmack in Dublin at his new studio, Night Work Games. Its Kickstarter campaign still has a month on the clock to raise $700,000 to help the team publish the game by Winter 2018 for PC and Mac.

The project includes numerous perks; $29 will score you a digital download when the game is ready, while higher tiers will get things like a physical edition with a custom flash drive, a deathmatch with Romero, and a chance to design monsters and weapons for Blackroom.

Blackroom on Kickstarter

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