Now you can track your chatbots using this API tool

Now you can track your chatbots using this API tool
Credit: Botlytics

The use of chatbots has exploded in a big way thanks to the likes of Facebook, Microsoft and Telegram putting their combined clout behind automated messaging interfaces.

Now Botlytics has launched to help you understand exactly what all of your chatbots are up to.

The tool, built using StopLight‘s API management platform, enables you to quickly add a few lines of code to your bot’s backend so you can see how many messages it is sending and what kinds of conversations it’s having.

You’ll need to have a bit of tech know-how to get going but it’s currently free to use and takes just a few seconds to sign up.

We’ve wondered whether chatbots are just a fad, or are truly the ‘next big thing’ in tech. Either way, now you can start looking after them all in one place.

Botlytics on Botlytics via ProductHunt

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