Udemy redesigned its platform to focus on learning

Udemy redesigned its platform to focus on learning

Udemy has completely redesigned its course taking experience on the Web so users can focus on the experience of learning rather than simply absorbing content.

Courses are now comprised of smaller video snippets organized into sections, which can be played full-screen. New controls let students control playback with keyboard shortcuts, and a bookmarking feature lets you tag important sections of courses for easy access later on.

There’s also a new search feature for commonly asked questions, so students can get answers faster.

“We are just at the beginning of realizing the potential impact of online learning. We are committed to building the best experience to learn online and helping our 10 million students achieve their learning goals,” said Rob Wong, VP of product at Udemy. “Our redesigned course-taking experience is the latest step toward realizing that vision, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to evolve our platform, ensuring students learn what they set out to achieve.”

In the mobile app, VP of Product for Udemy tells TNW “new quiz functionality in the app lets students get more hands-on in the course material for a more engaging learning experience.”

The changes are in effect now.

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