Here’s a super-simple way to manage your time off from work

We last looked at Timetastic almost four years ago. Back then, it was a pleasingly simple way of managing time off for you and your team. Now, recently-launched mobile apps for Android and iOS have made it even more appealing.

Like the Web-based product, the apps focus on doing just one thing really well. You can view the time off calendars for your and the rest of your team, and request days off, to be approved by your manager.

There’s are also handy feeds within the app that you can use to add your leave, your department’s leave or the whole organization’s leave to the calendar app of your choice. If you’re a manager, you can approve leave requests right from your phone, too.

That’s really all there is to it – simple, clean and effective. There are plenty of other services for managing time off, but Timetastic has nailed the whole ‘making it painless’ angle. If you don’t need integration with a wider HR system, this could be for you.

UK-based Timetastic costs a flat £0.50 (around $0.70 US) per user per month, after a generous three-month free trial.