The official Reddit app is already #1 in the US App Store

The official Reddit app is already #1 in the US App Store

Yesterday, Reddit released its first apps for iOS and Android, developed in-house — and it’s already at the top of the App Store charts in the US.

According to Sensor Tower, the official Reddit app is now top dog in the US App Store. In just 24 hours, it’s left Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook in its dust.


It’s not just Alien Blue users switching, either. Data shows that Alien Blue — the former official Reddit client — never crested #18, which it achieved in October of 2014.


The new Reddit app isn’t delighting users as much as Alien blue, though; only 42 percent of ratings are positive compared to 58 percent for Alien Blue.

Still, Sensor Tower tells TNW the official Reddit app is adding about 200,000 new users every 24 hours on iOS at its current pace. Not bad for its first day on the job.

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