Take a tour of The Beatles’ favorite music studio in VR

Take a tour of The Beatles’ favorite music studio in VR
Credit: Google

If you enjoyed checking out the infamous Abbey Road Studios last year with Google’s interactive experience for desktops, you’ll love the VR version that you can experience on your Android device.

Fire up the app and load your phone into a Cardboard viewer, and let producer Giles Martin (son of the fifth Beatle Sir George Martin) take you through the London studio’s various recording areas and mixing rooms, peppering your tour with interesting facts about the facility’s history from back when it opened in 1931.

You’ll be able to see the London Symphony Orchestra in action, find out how recording engineers work in the studio and what sort of configurations work well when capturing drummers’ performances. Oh, and did you know Kanye West recorded here with Coldplay’s Chris Martin?

IAR for Cardboard Studio2
Credit: Google

When you’re finished with the nine-part guided tour, you can navigate through the studio yourself Street View-style and tap on information pins to learn more about various parts of each space.

The app is currently available only for Android; Google says that an iOS version is in the works.

Take a virtual step into Abbey Road Studios on Official Google Blog

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