Teenagers have built a summary app that could help students ace exams

Teenagers have built a summary app that could help students ace exams

Three teenagers have built a nifty summary tool that could potentially help high-school students study more efficiently and save hours of reading.

Available for iOSSummize is an intelligent summary generator that will automatically recap the contents of any textbook page (or news article) you take a photo of with your smartphone.

The app also supports concept, keyword and bias analysis, which breaks down the summaries to make them more accessible. With this feature users can easily isolate concepts and keywords from the rest of the text to focus precisely on the material that matters the most to them.

18-year-old founder Rami Ghanem says that to accomplish this, Summize uses optical character recognition software (developed by ABBYY) and other proprietary technologies.

At present Summize is available exclusively to iOS users, but the company has plans to roll out an Android version as well.

Unfortunately, the app does not yet support other languages besides English and offers a limited functionality when it it comes to processing novels and other literary material. Ghanem says that while users are “enjoying using the concept, keyword and bias analysis for their novels and poems”, the summarization function is not as effective in such cases yet.

So far users are reporting that Summize does a fairly decent job of summing up text in an understandable manner, but it will occasionally produce oddly-phrased sentences here and there.

You can get Summize for just $0.99 from the App Store.

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