Human’s first Slack integration means you can’t pretend to go for a run on lunch anymore

‘Just popping to the gym’ is the decree of fit and healthy people around the world who like to make good use of their lunchbreak.

But rather than just knowing that you’re lazy and they’re not, now you can know exactly how lazy you are, and exactly how active they are by integrating activity tracker Human with Slack. You wanted that, right?

The feature is currently in beta (meaning it’s likely to have the odd bug here and there) and all you need to do to get started is add the Human integration to Slack and then send a message saying ‘/human join [your registered Human email address here]’ in any channel.

Click the link that’ll be waiting in your email, and that’s it. You’re ready to go. If you need a list of commands, you can just type ‘/human help’.

Naturally, you’ll want to find and invite other Human users on your team if you want some friendly competition.

In my defense, I’d recently changed phones again and forgotten to reinstall it, but nonetheless, clearly, I need to move a little more. And that thought is exactly what Human exists to create.

It does mean that you can’t pretend to go for a run on lunch any more while you actually slip off for a slice of pizza, however.