Snapchat reportedly buys Bitstrips for roughly $100 million

Snapchat reportedly buys Bitstrips for roughly $100 million

Snapchat has purchased Bitstrips, the service behind those funny DIY comic strips.

Though terms of the deal were not disclosed, sources tell Fortune it was a mixture of cash and stock worth “in the ballpark” of $100 million.

Bitstrips let users create comics starring themselves and friends. You can choose from personalization options like hair style and clothing, and choose granular facial features like shape and facial hair options.

From there, you can put yourself into all sorts of odd comic strip situations, along with the avatars of any friends who also use the service.

It’s not known what Snapchat may have planned for Bitstrips, but last year Bitstrips began allowing avatars to be overlaid onto any image. It’s possible Snapchat just wants to let you be part of any snap.

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