Kaboom’s new keyboard lets you send destructible messages fast

Kaboom’s new keyboard lets you send destructible messages fast

The difficult thing about sending destructible messages is that you usually have to go to a completely different platform in order to use them. Anchor Free has slimmed the process down a step by creating an iOS keyboard for its destructible messaging product, Kaboom.


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Available today, the keyboard lets you type any text or snap a photo and automatically generates a secure, destructible link. Users can set Kaboom to destroy a message based on total views or on a timer. The keyboard is baked in to the app already, so there’s no extra downloadable to get started.

In short, it’s an efficient way to send information to someone (or many people if you use the app for Facebook or Twitter) without going through the hassle of working things out in-app. But if you’re looking for something more secure, like end-to-end encryption, this won’t quite give you what you need.

Kaboom’s new keyboard is available today on iOS.

Kaboom [App Store]

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