Google is renaming its Chromecast app to something that makes more sense

Google is renaming its Chromecast app to something that makes more sense

Google today announced a small but important change to its streaming technology; the Chromecast app is now called Google Cast.

It’s not a terribly surprising move; after all, Google Cast has always been the official name of the technology behind Chromecast. Besides, that little streaming dongle isn’t the only device that supports the protocol anymore; it seems silly to associate every cast-enabled device with a desktop browser.

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It’s also likely indicative of Google’s push to have its technology permeate more devices, as evidenced by its new partnership with Vizio. The two companies are teaming up to create televisions that don’t use a traditional remote; instead, everything is controlled via Google Cast, using either an included Android tablet or any device that supports Google Cast, like your smartphone or Chrome.

Daredevil Netflix Vizio TV+Tablet Image

It does make one wonder about Google’s plan for Android TV; what does it mean when the company is pushing the simple Google Cast over its full-fledged TV interface (which mind you, fully supports Google Cast as well)?

We’ll have to wait and see, but the company is making one thing clear: you’ll be seeing Google Cast built into many more devices to come.

Introducing the VIZIO P-Series display with Google Cast [Chrome Blog]

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