Digg’s new Slackbot brings the best of the Web into your work’s chat

Digg’s new Slackbot brings the best of the Web into your work’s chat

A new Slackbot built by none other than Digg, the community came before Reddit for surfacing stories from around the Web, brings the best of the service right into your work’s chatroom.

Diggbot is one of the more interesting Slackbots I’ve seen so far – once added, you can query it for what’s trending on the Web, what’s popular on a particular domain (like thenextweb.com) or even get the latest sports scores.

It’s as simple as saying something like `/digg nytimes` and you’ll get a nicely formatted list of the most popular stories from that site.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.45.44 PM

Digg’s bot is the start of many, as publishers look for even more ways to distribute their content and get it in front of people. I like Digg’s in particular because it puts things right where you spend your entire day anyway, in your chat window – and it can send you something funny, if you ask.

The service is free and can be installed in your own Slack by visiting this page as an administrator of your team.

Diggbot [Digg]

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