Waze’s ‘Planned Drives’ feature ensures you’re never late again

Waze’s ‘Planned Drives’ feature ensures you’re never late again

A new Waze update for iOS aims to take the stress out of planning the perfect departure time to make sure that you’re never late — or obscenely early — again.


‘Planned Drives’ works best when you grant Waze access to your calendar and/or Facebook so that all of your appointments (and Facebook Events) automatically become Planned Drives. From there, Waze handles the heavy lifting by notifying you (if you have notifications enabled) at the perfect time to leave based on travel time and current real-time traffic reports from other Waze users.

For a pro-level commute, you can even use Waze’s ‘Send ETA’ feature to alert others of your arrival time based on your current pace and traffic reports.

The feature is currently only available for iOS users but an Android version is coming soon.


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