Uber finally got around to adding family profiles

Uber finally got around to adding family profiles
Credit: Uber

I’ve been moaning about Uber’s lack of shared account for years, but in the meantime, my girlfriend and I decided to share a single Uber account to avoid needing multiple payment methods – but it’s finally adding that today.

Families can now share a single payment method across up to ten members – although for now that’s only in Atlanta, Dallas or Phoenix during the test phase.

SwitchProfile_compressedEach person will need their own Uber account still, but once they have one you can invite them to share the payment method without sharing the card details directly.

If you’re a member of a family account you can still add your own card for ‘personal’ trips that won’t show on the main card, but otherwise it means kids or college students can use Uber on their own to get home and charge it to parents’ cards.

That’s great for the kids, but probably terrible for the family’s finances.

Uber family profiles

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