Windows 10 Mobile now has an official Twitter app that doesn’t suck

Windows 10 Mobile now has an official Twitter app that doesn’t suck

Poor Windows Mobile, forever relegated to being third wheel to Android and iOS. Things have picked up a bit of steam since Windows 10 came to be, and with its promise of universal apps across all devices Twitter is joining the fray.

The company has added mobile compatibility to Twitter for Windows 10, meaning that the same desktop app it launched last July in now works on phones and tablets running Windows 10 Mobile.

There are a variety of features in tow from the Android and iOS apps, including Moments, direct messages for groups and proper video support. It’s a big update, considering that the old Twitter app had less features than the mobile website.


Desktop users, who already had access to all these features, are getting one new one: a dark theme. It can be turned on from the Personalization section of the Settings menu.

Unfortunately, there are few compatible mobile devices at the moment;  Windows 10 is currently exclusive to devices that launched with the OS – like the Lumia 950 and 950 XL – or users who have opted into Microsoft’s Insider Program for beta testing.

Still, with Microsoft’s Build conference starting at the end of this month, and rumors of Windows 10 Mobile being released to the public as soon as tomorrow, it’s nice to see the platform getting some love from major apps; Windows 10 Mobile needs all the developer support it can get.

Now on mobile: Twitter for Windows 10 [Twitter Blog]


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