LastPass’ new app wants to make two-factor authentication mainstream

LastPass, maker of one of the most popular password managers out there, is today announcing a new smartphone app to keep users more secure.

LastPass Authenticator is meant to make it easy for anyone to use two-factor authentication on a multitude of accounts. If you’re not familiar, two-factor requires users to confirm their identity with something beyond a password, adding an extra layer of security.

Usually that’s through a code texted to their phones, but if you use LastPass’ desktop password manager, you can scan a barcode on your screen using your phone’s camera to prove your identity. The company says it plans to further simplify the process soon by simply asking you to tap on a ‘Verify’ button in your smartphone.


While many services like Facebook and Google provide two-factor logins, LastPass has the advantage of helping you keep multiple accounts in one place. That said, it can also be used without the LastPass Password Manager; the app supports any TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) compliant service which includes the likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts, as well as “hundreds” of others.

The free app is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store starting today.

LastPass Authenticator [Android | iOS]

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