F.lux finally comes to Android to save your eyes

F.lux finally comes to Android to save your eyes

F.lux has been a staple on the desktop for some time already – with versions existing for MacWindows and Linux. Hell, there’s even been a version for jailbroken iPhones and iPads since 2011. Now, finally, Android users are getting a version of their own – sort of.

The app, like its desktop counterparts, has one simple function: to control the color temperature of your screen in order to reduce strain on your eyes as the day progresses.


To do that, it essentially removes the bright blue colors from the display as it gets later in the day. By the next morning, it’ll have returned to normal for your regular daytime viewing. 

However, for now it requires a rooted phone to work properly and the company says that many Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 5.0 or higher won’t work, rooted or not.

F.lux [Android]

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