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Create your own brand logo

If you don’t already have a startup or #brand, chances are you’re thinking about creating one. A new app named Logo Foundry for iOS and Android can help by — you guessed it — creating a snappy logo for you.

You’ll still have to do some work to get there, though. Logo Foundry is basically a template with a bunch of preloaded fonts, graphics and the like which you can massage into your own logo.

Easy to use, Logo Foundry is actually pretty powerful. It supports curved text for rounded logos, and lets you manage layers. There’s also a handy search feature for finding graphics to use, and everything from the finished product to the text is resizable.

Logo Foundry notes the app is also good for creating smaller projects, like stickers.

It’s a cool idea, and reminds me of Fairpixels’ concept of churning out rejected logos as open source content; not because both are doing the same thing, but because attrition could cause some overlap. If two people had the same concept for a logo, branding becomes convoluted.

But if you need a placeholder until you can hire a real design firm to create a proper #brand logo for you, give Logo Foundry a shot.

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