Microsoft cancels ‘Fable Legends,’ mulls closing Lionhead Studios

Microsoft cancels ‘Fable Legends,’ mulls closing Lionhead Studios

The Fable series hasn’t been doing too well over the last few years and things just got a lot worse: Microsoft has cancelled development of Fable Legends, the forthcoming Xbox One and PC game.

In a post on the Xbox blog today, Hanno Lemke, General Manager at Microsoft Studios Europe, said that the game’s development had ceased and the company is in discussions with Lionhead Studios employees in the UK about whether the studio will remain open.

The game was in private beta, and was expected to be released later this year. The cancellation isn’t all that much of a surprise, given the company already delayed the game’s release by an additional year to give the team time to polish the game.

Lemke said that “these have been tough decisions and we have not made them lightly, nor are they a reflection on these development teams” and continued, saying that “we remain committed to the development communities in the UK and Europe.”

The beta of Fable Legends will continue to operate until 13 April, but after that the game will be gone forever.


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