Snapchat Day is a real thing and it’s all about baseball

Snapchat Day is a real thing and it’s all about baseball

If you’re a fan of baseball and Snapchat then March 11 might be your favorite day of the year because Major League Baseball and the ephemeral messaging app have teamed up to launch the first official Snapchat Day.

Professional athletes are no strangers to social media but MLB’s policies normally forbid its use during the regular and postseason. Not this year though – Snapchat Day will see players and teams broadcast Spring Training on the app for everyone to see. Players are also now permitted, even encouraged, to use the app during live games.

They will also be using the official SnapBat selfie sticks. Each team will have their own and there’s no word yet on whether these will be available for fans to purchase as well.

The multi-year deal between the league and Snapchat will see the app cover games and events throughout the season, including the Opening Day and All-Star Game, as well as Post Season.  You can add the individual teams for behind-the-scenes footage and there will be an MLB Live Story collating the best content as well.

While Snapchat will benefit from the revenue generated by ads within the baseball content, MLB will be hoping that the partnership can help attract younger fans.

Baseball has one of the oldest audiences in professional sports, with the average age of its World Series viewers being 54.4-years old. This could be down to the league’s dismissal of social media up until now, so it will be hoping the partnership with Snapchat can bring that number down.

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