Vibby makes it simple to highlight and share your favorite parts from any YouTube video

Vibby makes it simple to highlight and share your favorite parts from any YouTube video

Most videos on the Web are just not worth seeing in full – or at least this is how the founders of Vibby want you to see things.

Available for free, Vibby is a lightweight Web-based video editing tool that lets you easily select the most outstanding moments from any video and quickly edit out the rest.

“Our vision is to build a platform that enables people to discover and share the moments that matter from any video [as they tend to] get lost in the noise too easily,” says co-founder and CEO Ari Cohen.

The application comes with a simple user-friendly interface that allows users to highlight the most relevant parts from any video in just three steps. All you have to do is select a video, paste the link and Vibby will have you editing in seconds.

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The editing tool allows users to set a specific timeframe for each highlight and further offers a commenting feature where people can annotate what makes each important.

Additionally, the application also supports tagging in case users want to direct the attention of a specific person to an individual highlight.

What makes Vibby significantly useful is the function to seamlessly switch back and forth between watching a highlighted version or the full video in case you want more (or less) context.

As of now, the tool is still in beta-testing and only compatible with YouTube videos, but hopefully this changes once Vibby rolls out the official release.

Vibby [via ProductHunt]

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