Alexa can guide you through a ‘Batman’ murder mystery with voice commands

Alexa can guide you through a ‘Batman’ murder mystery with voice commands
Credit: Amazon

Yes, the Alexa AI from Amazon — nestled within the Echo or Amazon’s Fire TV — can put together your grocery list or tell you who won the 1971 World Series, but now she can also help you solve the mystery of who killed Batman’s parents.

An exclusive from Variety outlines the “unusual promotion” between Amazon and DC/Warner’s new movie ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ a game called ‘The Wayne Investigation.’ A mix of a choose-your-own adventure and audio novel, Alexa will lead the player through a variety of rooms to help solve the murder of magnate and vigilante Bruce Wayne’s parents.

The game will give the player up to 37 decisions to make throughout its runtime — clearly meaning there’s a path towards success and several to failure. For those itching to play, ‘The Wayne Investigation’ is accessible through the Echo or Fire TV via voice command.

It’s also a novel use of the Alexa Skills Kit, which has been used previously for genius entertainment items like turning your Echo into a Pokedex.

So if you’re a fan of interesting styles of gameplay or just eager to see Batman’ next adventure, this might be worth giving a spin.

Amazon Echo Now Lets You Investigate the Murder of Bruce Wayne’s Parents (Exclusive) [Variety]

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