Emoji One is the emoji keyboard you’ve always wanted, but it’s still buggy

Emoji One is the emoji keyboard you’ve always wanted, but it’s still buggy

When 😜😡👽🐝😸🐊 😍👷🏼👾😕 🐻🎩🔮😓🍟🍊😳🍉💚🏮 doesn’t quite sum up the nuance and complexity of your many moods and emotions, Emoji One might just be the emoji keyboard you’ve always wanted.

Available for both Mac and Windows as an extension for Chrome, Emoji One’s keyboard features over 1,600 stylishly designed emoji in nine different categories.

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The emoji keyboard is also compatible with most websites out there – including everyone’s favorites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and completely transforms your browsing experience once installed.


Additionally, the plugin comes with a nifty search engine that will help picky users quickly find the the emoji most appropriate to their mood.

The keyboard extension also offers size and skin tone variations that will modify the size or complexion of emoji according to the user’s choice.


Slack, Discourse and Textra SMS already support Emoji One and forthcoming updates will likely feature emoji from their 2016 collection.

Unfortunately, Emoji One’s keyboard is still in beta testing which means that the plugin isn’t fully functional just yet.

The skin tone option – for instance – works only for a few of the emoji and the size function does not seem to work at all (on my Mac). I also encountered issues using the emoji keyboard in Facebook on several occasions.

But given Emoji One’s appealing artwork and plans to roll-out updates on a quarterly basis, I remain confident these issues will be resolved soon.

You can test out Emoji One’s 2016 collection by signing their guestbook here or just download the keyboard extension for Chrome here.

Emoji Keyboard by Emoji One [Mac/Windows]

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