Instagram’s multi-account feature has a privacy bug on Android

Instagram’s multi-account feature has a privacy bug on Android

Users welcomed Instagram’s new multi-account feature earlier this month but it seems that there are some teething problems.

Some people using Android phones have reported that they are receiving private notifications and DMs intended for the other people who have mutual access to an account.

For example, if you and your colleagues all have access to your company’s Instagram, there’s a chance that you might receive their personal notifications too, rather than those for the shared account.

Luckily, if people click on other individuals’ notifications, will be taken to their own account as they don’t have the correct level of access. But that doesn’t excuse the violation of privacy. Notifications show who a person is interacting with on Instagram and for DMs, they also show a snippet of what has been said in the private message.

Android Central reports that for some users the bug was intermittent and Instagram has confirmed that a fix is underway. But if you’re sharing an account and worried about someone else getting a look at your personal information, maybe hold off until the coast is clear.

We have reached out to Instagram for more information and will update this post with its response.

Instagram bug lets you see someone else’s personal notifications if you both share a second account [Android Central]

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