You can now make Valentine’s Day videos in Skype

You can now make Valentine’s Day videos in Skype

Skype’s been pushing hard to make its Mojis – its take on animated GIFs with sound – more popular. Following a set of love-themed Moji’s with sounds designed by Paul McCartney, Skype is adding a ‘Love’ tab to make it easier to find Moji to share with your loved ones.

Keeping with the love theme, Skype is also now letting users record Valentine’s Day videos with an overlay of floating hearts – which are supposed to help make them more romantic. You can also download the videos to share them outside of Skype.

The feature is only available on Android and iOS. On Apple devices, you can click on a little heart icon on the top-right of your Skype homescreen, whereas on Android the heart will show up once you press the floating ‘+’ button on the lower right corner.


Perhaps the more important bit of news in the long run is that Skype has now added search for Moji and emoticons. It’s also limited to Android and iOS for now, but means you can look up the video clips by name, content or relevant emotion.

Search will surely come in handy as the feature becomes more popular and fills up with new designs. It and the other features are rolling out to users today.

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