Sublime Text is being developed again after a year dormant

Sublime Text is being developed again after a year dormant

Sublime Text is one of the most popular text editors for developers out there, but over the last year concerns mounted that the project was dead as development of the next version stalled completely.

This week, though, the app has come back to life with the release of a new update for Sublime Text 3. The release today brings a number of major bug fixes, introduces a new sublime-syntax and speeds up file loading.

The team has also open sourced many of the core packages of the project for the first time, and incorporates community provided improvements. Sublime Text also has a new team member, Will Bond, who looked after package manager as part of the community.

Sublime Text 3 has been under development since at least early 2013, but went inactive for months on end a number of times over the years — the last beta build was released in March 2015.

Threads on Reddit and Hacker News consistently asked if Sublime was dead, with the team saying in 2014 that, “We are not stopping development of Sublime,” but the team is “effectively a one man band.”

While Sublime was dormant new text editors emerged based on modern Web technology, including GitHub’s open-source Atom editor and the Adobe-created open-source alternative Brackets.

Sublime Text is my Web development editor of choice, so it’s great to see the project active again.

Sublime Text 3 build 3103 [SublimeHQ]

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