WhatsApp ups its group chat limit to 256 users

WhatsApp ups its group chat limit to 256 users

WhatsApp’s latest update for iOS and Android comes with a significant increase in the number of participants that can join a group chat. Previously, the Facebook-owned app allowed group chats with up to 100 users, but its latest version more than doubles the limit to 256.

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For now, the update has not yet been implemented in other platforms, which means that BlackBerry and Windows phone users might have to wait a little longer to take advantage.

Unlike previous updates that introduced features like the ability to run WhatsApp on desktop and the option to archive your chats on Google Drive, this iteration of the app does not come with any improvements in functionality.  But there are rumours that video calling is coming.

In light of WhatsApp reaching one billion total users and abandoning its annual 99 cents fee, the company’s decision to increase the limit for group chats mirrors the injection of new features that Facebook brought to Instagram after its purchase. But unlike Instagram, which is expected to make billions in revenue over the next few years, WhatsApp has yet to turn a profit. So the question remains: how will WhatsApp make money without alienating its users?

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