How game devs will soon build VR worlds in VR

Epic Games, which makes the Unreal Engine that powers major titles like Rocket League, Mortal Kombat X, Borderlands and the upcoming Gears of War 4, has been excited about VR for a while now.

Last September, it created a demo showing what it’d be like playing a two-handed first-person shooter in VR using Oculus’ Rift headset and Touch controllers. Now, it wants developers to build VR games… in VR.

The company has created a new feature for Unreal Engine that lets you explore levels as you create them using a headset and dual controllers. It will allow you to pick up, place and manipulate objects and teleport across the game world to wherever you need to make adjustments.

Plus, you can access and interact with menus and content libraries from Unreal Engine’s desktop interface as if you were operating it on a tablet in VR.

Epic will announce a release date for the feature at the GDC event on March 16. It will also be integrated into Unreal Engine when it’s ready and it’s source code will be available for anyone to peruse on GitHub.

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