There’s an app that delivers a new playlist to your lock screen every day

There’s an app that delivers a new playlist to your lock screen every day

Choosing the right music is hard and everyone is trying to solve it — Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and more. thinks it has the answer, though, with a new app for iOS and Android that delivers hand-curated playlists to your lock screen once a day.

It’s rather simple: each day you’ll get a single push notification with the playlist of the day. Today, it’s themed “the John Hughes movie that never was” and yesterday’s was “those hustler gurls.”

From there you can listen to the whole thing, save it to your Spotify account and share it to social media — that’s it, but the simplicity is key.


I’m a big fan of the Slow Web movement, which is an intentional effort to avoid avoid constant instant gratification. Instead, you let things come to you gradually, rather than all at once.

Playlists are picked by human editors from the service’s 175,000 on, so you know they’re not just being randomly generated.

My current favorite way to get playlists without any effort is via Noon Pacific, which delivers a new set of tracks to your lock screen every Monday at noon — but that’s only once a week.

This is yet another great app in my lineup for finding the right music — and it’s not always in your face.

Playlist a Day [iOS / Android]

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