You can now add friends with a personalized Snapchat URL

You can now add friends with a personalized Snapchat URL

A new feature was snuck into the latest Snapchat update: now you can create a special link that can be shared with friends online, so they can add you directly.

IMG_1913To get your unique URL, open Snapchat, drag down on the camera view, click ‘add friends’ then ‘share username.’

You’ll get a your own link, like mine, that lets you share your Snapchat account on the Web with people rather than sending them your Snapcode.

If someone taps on it on their phone they’ll add you immediately.

That’s useful for places like a Twitter bio or when sending a message so you can just drop in a link permanently.

Make sure to update to the latest version of Snapchat or you won’t see the new option.

Snapchat now has a number of handy ways to add friends, from Snapcodes, to a way for finding those in your direct vicinity and via your phone book.

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