Still use Peach? Well, now it’s on your browser

Still use Peach? Well, now it’s on your browser

Are you still using the flash-in-the-pan minimalist social network Peach? Well, good for you! I think it’s safe to say you’ve outlasted most. But if you’re an early adopter who likes to see things grow, then you’ll be happy to know that the platform has an unofficial, (very) minimal browser version for your desktop enjoyment.

Founder Dom Hoffman, whose company Byte is also responsible for the app of the same name, announced on Product Hunt that Peach for desktop is still “very alpha, but already useful.” It certainly doesn’t have any kind of design cues or the ability to create accounts, but you can quickly and easily post your thoughts.


The browser version also makes it very easy to see what your friends are saying, which is important as Peach doesn’t have a central feed. It’s a nice way to consume content all at once without flicking through the phone app.

Hoffman has also released the source code for the desktop platform on GitHub, so interested users can tinker with what’s available.

So, if you’re still on board, it looks like there’s more to come from Peach. Hoffman promises that the desktop version in particular is growing rapidly.

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