Gotta Go for iOS gives you excuses to get out of any situation

Gotta Go for iOS gives you excuses to get out of any situation

Comedian Chelsea Handler has created a novel iOS app, Gotta Go, that lets you arrange a fake text message or call that will give you an excuse to get out of whatever situation you’re in.

Whether it’s a disastrous Tinder date or a boring meeting, the app will come up with a witty reason you need to leave. Some examples are. “My neighbor says a bear broke into my car again” or “I have to pick up my grandmother from the liquor store.”

Some of the pre-loaded excuses are more funny than believable, but you can customize them to make it more relevant to you.

For example, you can choose to have it come from your mom or your housemate; if you own a pet, you can incorporate them into the story too. You could have your housemate say the cat has gone missing and then schedule a series of follow-up messages and a call to make the situation appear more urgent and realistic.

Once you’ve created the fictional situation, just hit ‘activate’ and choose when you want it to start. It’s pre-set for 30 minutes after you’ve activated it but you can adjust this to whatever suits you.

If you choose to have a fake call, you’ll be greeted with a pre-recorded message from Handler that tells you how to act out the fake emergency when you pick up.

The building of the app is outlined in an episode of Handler’s new Netflix documentary series called ‘Chelsea Does,’ which launched worldwide this week.

Of course, you could always ask your real-life friends to call and get you out of the situation but the app comes in handy for when you don’t want to involve anyone else or are in need of a quick escape.

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