‘Exploding Kittens’ addictive card game is now a multiplayer app

‘Exploding Kittens’ addictive card game is now a multiplayer app

Exploding Kittens, the breakout card game hit from The Oatmeal, was released last year to much fanfare. It was the most funded Kickstarter of all time and many of us, myself included, ran out to get a copy as soon as it hit stores.

Today, it’s become an app too, so you can play Exploding Kittens on the go with your friends. It uses your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect up to 5 players in the same room to play.

The mobile version of game is addictive and incredibly well executed, full of sounds, fun animations and new cards that aren’t in the real world game. There’s no global multiplayer — yet — so you’ll need to play with people you’re around.


It’s one of the best adaptations of a board game into an app that I’ve ever seen. Rather than just translating the game into a digital version, the team spent a lot of time thinking about ways to enhance it.

For $1.99 it’s a steal, and another addictive iOS-multiplayer game you can play with a room of people, IRL, in the same vein as Spaceteam.

Exploding Kittens [iOS]

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