Kimoji is an app that lets Kim Kardashian’s ass do all the talking

Kimoji is an app that lets Kim Kardashian’s ass do all the talking

It’s not often I’ll pay $1.99 for an app just so I can see a picture of Kim Kardashian’s ass but today is one of those days.

I’ve just downloaded the Kimoji app and added the keyboard to my settings which means at the tap of my screen, I am in Kimoji heaven.

I can now share 240 different images, including racy Kim cartoons, as well as some slightly more practical ones – like a peach draped in cream – with my unsuspecting friends.

Kim knickers
You are only supposed to download if you’re 17-plus, which may disappoint younger Kim fans

Kim fingers
Credit: Kimoji

Every time you want to channel your inner Kay Kay, you simply tap the image you want to share, paste it in to you message and away you go.

Admittedly it’s a labor intensive process, but how many opportunities in this lifetime will you have to pay homage to Miss Kardashian West?

If I so wish, I can use Kim’s keyboard all the time, which is actually a bit more good looking in black and white than my boring old Apple one, although it doesn’t seem to have the same predictive and corrective functions yet.

Kim keyboard
Credit: Kimoji

It looks like there are even in-app purchases on the way in the form of extra Kimojis, although I feel if I start buying Kim upgrades, I might have to have a word with myself.

Kardashian thought her new app of Kimojis broke the App Store yesterday but it turns out the app’s servers just couldn’t handle the legions of fans also looking to pay to get a piece of Kim.

The media house behind the app Whalerock Digital Media has also built apps for the whole Kardashian/Jenner franchise, offering insights into the women’s worlds via beauty and style tips.

While some of us will get thoughtful presents from family and friends this Christmas, Kim’s gift to all of humanity is the ability to paste dat ass into any form of digital communication you wish. Merry Christmas.

Kim butt
Credit: Kimoji

Kimoji [iOS]

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