Twizoo is taking a 12-week US tour to kill Yelp off one city at a time

Twizoo is taking a 12-week US tour to kill Yelp off one city at a time

Twizoo, the app that’s using Twitter’s robust firehose of information to show you where to eat, is launching in 12 new US cities in 12 weeks.

Starting today, Chicagoans can join London and San Francisco to search Twizoo for types of food or drinks, or look for restaurants by name. Here’s how the rest of the rollout will take form:

Las Vegas — December 28

Atlanta — January 4

New York — January 11

Boston — January 18

Seattle — January 25

Houston — February 1

Philadelphia — February 8

San Diego — February 15

Austin — February 22

Los Angeles — February 29

Miami — March 7

The best part about Twizoo is that its feed almost instant. The company says “as soon as we ‘turn on’ in a new city, we have access to a huge wealth of opinion, already shared on Twitter, about the best and worst places to eat and drink.”

Twizoo also keeps its information real-time. Old reviews or gripes don’t surface when you search for a restaurant, so you get more context on what’s going on now.

Sadly, Twizoo is skipping over important locations in this tour — like Portland. Let’s just hope those deserving cities that have been left out this time around aren’t waiting for very long.

Twizoo’s 84 day ‘digital road trip’ across the States: 12 cities in 12 weeks [Medium]

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