TNW’s Apps of the Year: VHS Camcorder helps you intentionally record low quality videos

TNW’s Apps of the Year: VHS Camcorder helps you intentionally record low quality videos

In our Apps of the Year series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for our favorite apps of 2015. 

As technology advances forward, nostalgia becomes more valuable. Combine them both and you get an app like VHS Camcorder which lets you record videos like it’s 1985.

Let’s face it: Old tapes with videos from when we were young are great but they take up a lot of physical space and most of us probably don’t even own VHS players anymore. The app is great for those missing the unsaturated, static look.

The app lets you apply the effect to any old video you record from your iOS device, choosing through a selection of filters that best suit your retro needs. The result also comes with a stamped date and time just like grandpa used to record.

You can also the preview filters in real-time to determine your favorite. The app works only in landscape mode for now, and yes, you can ironically record in high definition.

vhs camcorder app

Rarevision, the company behind the app, said Saturday Night Live recently used it to create a wedding tape effect for a sketch as well. If it’s good enough for SNL, it’s good enough for me.

Though I don’t use all the time in place of actual HD recording, it does add a nice effect for filmmaking, road trips, and the holiday season. Then, in a few years, you’ll be able to watch and be reminded of the good old days without video tapes piling over in the closet.

Unfortunately, the Android version is not out yet but hopefully that’ll change some time in the next year. For now, iOS users can grab VHS Camcorder for $4.

VHS Camcorder for iOS

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