Set the mood with a holiday GIF backdrop from Tumblr on your TV

Set the mood with a holiday GIF backdrop from Tumblr on your TV

Tumblr released Tumblr TV earlier this year to make it easier for people to enjoy the most popular GIFs on the site.

And now, Tumblr TV is coming to actual television through its new app for Apple TV.

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The app is available to download now for free, just in time to get a heart-warming Christmas GIF on-screen to impress the relatives.


You don’t have to have a Tumblr account to use it but if you do, you can reblog the GIFs on-screen. The full-screen GIFs can also be enjoyed on desktop via  the Tumblr TV website, which could make for a nice alternative to a screensaver for a while.

However, given that the GIFs are automatically chosen at random by what’s being shared the most, I would be wary of letting it run free on your TV over the holidays.

Perhaps you should consider limiting what it shows by modifying the URL to something like or to reduce the chance of giving your grandmother a shock.


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