Foursquare iOS update brings translation, map recommendations

Foursquare iOS update brings translation, map recommendations

The tips on Foursquare are a great feature, but for travelers, or those that live in diverse neighborhoods, you’ve probably had a bit of a difficult time reading some of them.

As a San Diego-area resident, I can tell you firsthand that the amount of Spanish on Foursquare in Southern California can be a little overwhelming to those that don’t know their papa (dad) from their papá (potato).

In version 9.10, Foursquare changes all that by providing automatic translation so that you can finally understand what previous diners have said about the sticky buns at your favorite dim sum spot, or sort out the aforementioned dad and potato conundrum.


Foursquare also brought a nice map view to its newest version so you can begin mapping out places that are close by or in a neighborhood you might just find yourself in later in the evening.

Foursquare [iTunes]

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