LOAF might be the recipe app that finally gets me cooking

LOAF might be the recipe app that finally gets me cooking
Credit: LOAF

I’m terrible at cooking.

Seriously, I can heat something up in a microwave or an oven but that’s about it. Partly that’s down to laziness, and partly it’s because recipes tend to be hard to follow unless you’re already experienced.

Most recipe apps I’ve tried don’t make things easy enough or they don’t have much choice of things to cook. A new iPad app called LOAF (short for ‘love of all food’) changes that with an approach that combines Yummly-like curation of recipes from bloggers and chefs with a standardized, easy-to-follow set of instructions for cooking.

You can browse personalized recommendations, the latest recipes or filter down a search based on course, dietary requirements, cooking time and calorie content.

Loaf 1

Once you’ve found the perfect dish, you get a set of instructions that you can swipe through as you complete each one. Each step is boiled down (pardon the pun) to a really clear, plain English sentence. If you need more detail, you can load the original Web page the recipe came from.

Loaf 2

The list of ingredients is whittled down as you add each one, so it’s difficult to miss something out (like I did once when I forgot to add a stock cube and ruined a dish – I told you, terrible cook).

One feature I won’t be using just yet is the ability to add your own recipes and share them with other users. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet.

LOAF is free and the UK-based developers plan to make money by selling ingredients from affiliate partners within the app. Look out for this feature to launch in the US in the new year.

➤ LOAF [iPad]

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