Google launches new Christmas games and lets you build your own

Google launches new Christmas games and lets you build your own

Developers from Google’s Fun Propulsion Labs (yes, that’s what it’s called), have unveiled open-source Christmas versions of the Android games Pie Noon and Zooshi.

Both are simple games that appeal to all ages, letting you pelt friends with pies or feed well-dressed animals. The Christmas versions have replaced those items with snowballs and candy canes.

Pie Noon Christmas 2
Credit: Google

The Zooshi Christmas game comes as an update to the existing app, so you need to download that first to play, while Pie Noon is a level within Google’s Santa Tracker app. The apps are coded in C++ so they work cross-platform as well.

Keen coders can head to the Github pages for Pie Noon and Zooshi to start making their own festive games.

Raising Sweet C++ Cane for Well-Dressed Animals [Google developers blog]

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