Boxy is a Google Inbox desktop app for Mac that doesn’t suck

Boxy is a Google Inbox desktop app for Mac that doesn’t suck

It’s not like there aren’t a ton of great email apps available for Mac already, but here’s another one for your consideration: Boxy, an app that brings the real Inbox by Gmail experience to your desktop.

Boxy is the first sort-of-native-app wrapper for Inbox by Gmail I’ve seen that actually does a good job of making it feel like a real desktop app.

It’s well designed to fit in with OS X, and brings all the things you’d expect from a desktop app, like desktop notifications, dock badges and keyboard shortcuts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.13.57 PM

The app was created by Italian designer Fabrizio Rinaldi and developer Francesco Di Lorenzo after posting a prototype design on Dribbble, realising that it needed to become reality.

I’ve been using Boxy for the last few months and think it’s the perfect app for Google Inbox fans. I’ve always wanted to use Google Inbox full time, but don’t like needing to leave a Web browser open all day, which makes Boxy perfect for me.

It’s a great little app, and the team behind it plan to release more updates, for free, in the coming weeks.

Boxy is available today from the Mac App Store for €3.99 ($3.99) during launch week and €4.99 ($4.99) after the sale is over.

Boxy [Mac App Store]

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